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SoftMaker Office 21.0

SoftMaker Office is an Office suite with 1500 TrueType and OpenType fonts

The SoftMaker Office 2012 suite stands as a cheaper alternative to other office suites like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony. The program is able to open word documents, presentations or spreadsheets and it is recommended for both business and personal use.

SoftMaker Office integrates four applications for office use. TextMaker 2012 is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word. It is able to create, open and edit files with“.doc” and “.docx” extensions. PlanMaker 2012 is an alternative to Microsoft Excel, which allows you to create and work with spreadsheets. SoftMaker Presentations 2012 will help you create presentation files and it is fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. SoftMaker Office suite also includes BasicMaker 2012 that will help you automate different tasks. SoftMaker Office 2012 is well known for its high compatibility with Microsoft Office. You are also able to install it from portable devices, like USB sticks.

TextMaker is a fast word processor that has no problems when dealing with large Microsoft Office documents. It has all the features specific to a word processor and you can easily write or design document templates. Its user interface is available in a large number of languages. That also goes for spell-checking, thesauri and automatic hyphenation. TextMaker is very useful for businesses. The “Track changes” feature allows you to record all the changes you make to a document enabling your superior to easily review it.

SoftMaker Presentations 2012 comes with an amazing set of graphic features, like mirror effects, soft shadows and image manipulations. One important feature of the program is that it opens documents in tabs allowing you to easily switch between them. It offers a great set of animations and transitions and all drawings are now fully anti-aliased. You are also able to export your work to PDF files.

PlanMaker 2012 is an alternative to Microsoft Excel. You are able to create or edit spreadsheets without dealing with compatibility issues. It integrates a great number of calculation functions. Using PlanMaker you can also perform advanced analysis. Charts get a new look in PlanMaker, given that it integrates a completely new charting engine.

SoftMaker Office 2012 is a powerful office suite that offers everything you need in order to efficiently perform your work.

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